Andrea McNichol





  • University of California at Berkeley 1962-1968, BA and Life Teaching Credential.
  • University of Heidelberg, Germany-Graphology Training and certification 1962 (in conjunction with Sorbonne University, Paris France).
  • University of California at Berkeley, Criminology Department in conjunction with Alameda and Contra Costa County Police & Sheriff Forensic Departments 1968-1972, apprenticeship in examination of questioned documents, and handwriting comparison.
  • Institute of Graphology, January-June 1978, Orange, CA
  • University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, 1980-81, Forensic Examinations at Instituto IDH, A.C.
  • American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) training seminar in Forensic Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana and Washington D.C, August-September 1981.
  • ASIS Forensic Examinations Conference and Workshops, New York, October 1982.
  • Forensic Examination of Questioned Documents Course, through Andrew Bradley, Denver Colorado, 1982-1988.
  • American Board of Forensic Examiners, Branson, Missouri, 1985-1991.
  • American College of Forensic Examiners, Springfield, Missouri, 1989-1996
  • National Association of Chain Drug Stores, (NACDS), Forensic Seminar, Alexandria, Virginia, December 1985.
  • City of Modesto Police Department, Forensic Seminar, March 1987
  • College Hospital, Cerritos, California, Forensic Medical Seminar, June 1987.
  • Michigan Merchants Council, Forensic Seminar, Lansing, Michigan, May 1987.
  • University of Southern California, Forensic Psychiatry Seminar, November 1987.
  • ASIS, Forensic Examinations Seminar, New Orleans, September 1986.
  • Fox Valley Technical College and Security Seminar, Appleton, Wisconsin, June 1988.
  • Eastern Kentucky University, Department of Loss Prevention, Seminar Richmond, Kentucky, May 1986.
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, Sacramento, CA April 1987.
  • University of Oregon, Security Seminar in Ashland, Oregon, November 1987.
  • Los Angeles Police Department, Communications Division, 1986-300 hours; 1988-140 hours.
  • ASIS Forensics in Law Enforcement Seminar, Omaha, Nebraska 1989, 1990.
  • Research with Meyer Friedman of Meyer Friedman Cancer Institute, San Francisco, CA 1993.
  • UCLA Medical Center, Research with Dr. Sidney Starkman, neurological problems in graphological movement, 1992.

Spanish language training at Berlitz Language Schools, Beverly Hills, California, at UCLA, and at the University of Mexico, Mexico City, off and on from 1975-1995.


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