Andrea McNichol




February 26, 2021. "Andrea, thank you. Your work was definitely helpful. In fact, right after your testimony at the deposition we actually settled the Lambetecchio matter. Your testimony was a big part of the reason why were able to shift into settlement mode so quickly. I very much enjoyed working with you and will keep you in mind for future cases." (RE: The Antoinette Lambe Trust, Case NO. 19CEPR00675, February 2021.)

                       MARY K. DELEO, Esq.
                       WEINTRAUB TOBIN
                       Sacramento , California

September 4, 2019.
"There is a French idiomatic expression that best describes your communication regarding Andrea:  Non, mais allô quoi?  Translated:  “No, you have got to be kidding!”  Of course I know and remember your brilliant friend Andrea McNichol.  Not only did she teach the FBI, I remember most of all le riguer (dedication) she brought  to her craft.  Not only have I spoken favorably of her and her professionalism to my colleagues, I remember the challenge and directness that she presented to me, e.g. insisting upon precise and well-reasoned evidence as a predicate for her well-reasoned expert opinion.  The result: we prevailed in a difficult will contest against multiple defendants, including against an attorney, that yielded a seven figure verdict.  You travel in cerebral company.  Please convey my sincere hello to Andrea.  Really, Non, mais allô quoi!"

                        --GEORGE GLASCO, ESQ.
                           LOS ANGELES, CA

May 2, 2018.  "Andrea, you were absolutely great in the hearing today.  My client and I were so impressed with your testimony and you came off as the teacher and their expert a new student.  I will let you know the judge's ruling as soon as it comes down."  May 3, 2018.  "Hi Andrea, we prevailed on the motion!  Here are the two most relevant pages.  Please note the Judge discredited Chrisman's testimony but not yours!  Thank you so much and I hope we get a chance to work together again in the future." "By contrast, the Court finds credible the testimony of Defendant's expert, Andrea McNichol, who has extensive experience as a forensic document examiner.  McNichol testified that the questioned signatures were signed by the same person.  And, she further testified that--based on a comparison with original signatures from more than one-hundred authentic exemplars from time reords of Plaintiff--the questioned signature was given by Plaintiff.  As noted by McNichol, the overwhelming similarities of handwriting features in the acknowledged known authentic signatures and the questioned signatures leaves no doubt as to that conclusion."  (Expert testimony May 2, 2018 Spring Street Courthouse,  312 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, 90012., Department 11, Judge Ann Jones, Angel Hernandez v. Merchants Landscape Services.)

                        --ELAINE M. VUKADINOVICH, ESQ.
                           MUSIC, PEELER & GARRETT LLP                                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA                               

January 26, 2018.  "Andrea, I want to thank you for all your efforts and hard work and, quite frankly, incredible testimony at trial yesterday.  I thought you did battle with the  opposition's lawyer who was very sneaky and you got the best of him by keeping your cool.  You were wonderful and I think the Judge believed you.  You can't enhance something if it isn't there.  Thank you so very much once again and best wishes and I'm looking forward to working with you on the Kruger case."  (Andry vs. Andry, Case No:  30-2015-00792402-PR-TR-CJC, Expert testimony January 25, 2018, Judge Sheila Press Sonenshine at JAMS RESOLUTION CENTER 500 N. State College Blvd., Orange, CA 92868, 14th Floor.)

                            TOM SLOVAK, ESQ.
                            H. NEAL WELLS III,  ESQ.
                            SLOVAK BARON EMPEY MURPHY & PINKNEY
                               Costa Mesa, CA  92626

          November 18, 2017. "Andrea, I wanted to tell you that the case settled today.  We appreciate your help.  It settled for $315k.  We did it with your excellent handwriting analysis and demonstrative exhibits.  Judge Lewis read Paulson the riot act about denying writing the anonymous letters. We are glad to have a resolution that hopefully brings an end to Paulson's bullying.  Also, I posted your name on the Consumer Attorneys' message board last week because an attorney was looking for a handwriting expert and you do such excellent work."  (Klein vs. Paulson, Case No. 37-2016-00003044-CU-DF-CTL).

                         --GEOFF SPRETER, ESQ.
                            JEFF BENNION, ESQ.
                            BENJAMIN D. PETIPRIN, ESQ.
                            CORONADO, CA & SAN DIEGO, CA

July 13, 2017.  "Andrea, yesterday was a 9 hour mediation on the case.  It settled!  Your report was a big part of it as it removed the forgery claim from any discussion.  My client and I thank you so much for your help in this case.  I look forward to working with you in the future."  (Estate of William J. Wagner, Case No: 16PR00245).

                       -DENNIS G. MERENBACH, ESQ.
                        SANTA BARBARA. CA

February 6, 2017.  "Andrea, you were fantasic in the deposition, just as I thought you would be.  Thank you for handling this matter so promptly and professionally.  Thanks, again and I really enjoyed working with you."  (Desmed v. Smith, Case No. A-15-723445-C)

                        --MARK P. COOK, ESQ.
                           BAILUS COOK & KELESIS, LTD.
                           LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

December 13, 2016. "Ms. McNichol, many thanks for your prompt and professional support.  Today we made a wonderully kind, little (older) lady especially happy--and importantly, we are helping right a wrong.  Thank you so very much. " (Re:  Pension Fund Group outside of Washington D.C., Automatic Joint and Survivor Pension Rejection Form re:  Carter)

                        --KATHY COLE, Account Executive
                           Oxon Hill, Maryland


August 3, 2015.  "Thank you so much, Andrea, for the Exhibit 'training' and for your great testimony today.  I also thank you for working with us for many months to achieve our goals.  It has been great working with you once again."  (Re:  Patel vs Sonal, Inc., et al, Expert Testimony August 3, 2015  in the Superior Court of the State of California For the County of Kern-Metropolitan Division, Case No.: S-1500-CV-280609LHB, In Department 17, before Judge Lorna Blumfield).

                        --MICHAEL D. ANDERSON
                           ANDERSON & ASSOCIATES
                           PASADENA, CA

April 15, 2015.  "Ms McNichol, we sought your expertise because of your tremendous experience and background in questioned documents.  You are who we needed on this matter.  This is to let you know that my client and I attended a mediation of this case yesterday and we were able to get the case settled.  Thank you for  all your generous time and work on this matter and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions."  (Re:  Ronald M. Smith v. Michael P. IBE, aka Mike, IBE, dba The Legends Group, Case NO. 37-2014-00000920-CU-FR-CTL in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego)

                        --MICHAEL A. FRIEDRICHS, ESQ.
                           WHITE AND BRIGHT, LLP
                           ESCONDIDO, CA

February 22, 2015.  "Andrea, thank you for you professional work in this matter over this long period of time.  I appreciate your efforts on our behalf and am so happy we retained you as our expert."  (Re:  The Matter of Esther Hasson Revocable Living Trust,  LASC case No. BP134478.  Expert testimony at Los Angeles Superior Court, January 21, 2015 at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA, Dept 11 before Judge Leslie Green).

                        --JEFFREY M. BASES, ESQ.
                          BASES & BASES,
                           Encino, CA

February 10, 2015.  "Andrea, I am pleased to advise you that the referenced matter has settled and will be dismissed and not proceed to trial.  I would like to thank you very much for your help and guidance in this matter.  It was a pleasure working with you."  (Re:  Palm Development Group vs. Farahani et al., Los Angeles Superior Court Case:  11U00171).

                        --ROGER MANLIN, ESQ.
                           LOS ANGELES, CA

December 2, 2014.  "Andrea, you perform a valuable service and I appreciate the quality of your work and dedication to your craft.  You bring honor to the profession.  Should I ever have occssion to recommend you, I will do so without hesitation, and with much pleasure."

                        -STEVE WATKINS
                          Marketing Director, WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP, Encino, CA

February 10, 2014.  "Andrea, I wanted to let you know what happend in this file.  The carrier denied the claim to the insured for various reasons, including the falsification of the lease which you evaluated for us.  Thank you again for looking at this on short notice."  (Re:  Coverage-Ogrodzinski).

   Long Beach, CA  

May 23, 2013.  "Andrea, I heard great things about your testimony in the deposition yesterday from Mr. DeBolt.  He said you were phenomenal and that after awhile he relaxed and tended to other work because he knew you could hold your own against the opposition."    June 5, 2013.  "Andrea I just wanted you to know that we settled the Sims matter most favorably and we cannot thank you enough for your splendid work with us over these many months.  You are great to work with.  I'm sure your deposition testimony did the trick.  We have another case for you coming soon.  Thanks again."  (Estate of David/Florence Sims, Los Angeles Superior Court Case Nos:  BP111811, BP111812).


May 29, 2013.  "Andrea I am pleased to report that at the mediation today, we settled the Paredes matter and as a result, the trial scheduled for Monday is off calendar.  Thanks for your excellence, dedication and hard work for us.  We are very grateful."  (Paredes v. Paredes, Case No:  VD 056450)

   Los Angeles, CA

March 2, 2013.  "Andrea:  It had to be you (I am singing this as I write).  Anyhow, Mr. Morrison finally broke down and admitted he must have signed the Share Repurchase Agreement-even though he still doesn't remember...Therefore, you are released from further work on the Goverman matter.  Thank you so much and I will keep you in mind for the future."  (TRADEWIND CONSULTING, LLC  v. WILDCAT DISTRIBUTORS, INC, Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC458005).

                       --KEVIN L. DORHOUT, ESQ.
                          KEVIN L. DORHOUT, APC
                          Westlake Village, CA

January 17, 2013.  "Andrea, Dave loved your report.  He said it was "exactly" what he wanted.  Congrats!  Pleasing David is not an easy thing, and I've been trying for nearly 20 years.  Thank you so much for  your outstanding work and hopefully we'll work together again soon.  You rock."  (Pars Arvin Construction, Inc. v. Los Angeles Unified School District AAA Case No.: 72-110-Y-00686-12-LGB)

   Los Angeles, California

July 2, 2012.  "Andrea, I want you to know that you made a great impression on Judge Meissenger at our Mandatory Settlement Conference.  What you said and the exhibits you prepared had a huge impact and as a result the judge ramped up his efforts and the other side offered us three times the amount they originally put on the table.  We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work & expertise."  (Expert testimony June 14, 2012, Waltman v. TransAmerica Life Insurance, at Mandatory Settlement Conference at Van Nuys Superior Court, Judge Meissenger, Dept. A, 5th Floor, 6230 Sylmar Avenue, Van Nuys, CA  91401)

                  CITRON & CITRON 
                  Santa Monica, CA                                                                                 

March 11, 2012.  “Andrea, you were a wonderful witness and I highly recommended you last night to a very close friend who is a senior litigation partner at the Piper firm.  He will be contacting you on a matter he has been working on.  Here is what I wrote to him, ‘In my 40 years of litigation, Andrea McNichol ranks at the very top of the list of expert witnesses in her knowledge of the subject matter and her ability to articulate to the judge or jury the reasons for her opinion.  She may not believe that the information you have is sufficient for her to express an opinion on the subject, but if she does believe the information is sufficient, you may rely on her opinion completely’.”  (Expert testimony March 9, 2012, Saks v. Saks, Case No.:  LASC No. BD 401-295, before Judge Holly J. Fujie at Los Angeles Superior Court at 111 No. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA, Department 87, 8th floor)

   Los Angeles, California


January 5, 2012.  “Andrea, thank you for this report for Homeland Security.  The report is very clear and comprehensive.  I also thank you very much for your extensive efforts throughout and will certainly contact you again for any needs that we may have in the future.  Thanks, again.”(Immigration matter of Emmanuel Dizon).

   South Pasadera, California

November 15, 2011.  “Andrea, your demeanor was perfect today in the deposition.  You were fantastic.  And although I was not expecting that your testimony would be videotaped, I’m glad it was.  You came across as calm and convincing while opposing counsel came across as a complete bully.  Thank you so much.”  “Andrea, I heard from Pete today that you were fantastic in the deposition yesterday and stood your ground.  Amgen has heard all about it and of course everyone is very grateful to you.  Thanks again!”  (Hanks. v. Amgen U.S.A., Inc., Case No:  56-2009-00342748-CU-WT-VTA)

   McGuireWoods LLP
   Chicago, IL 60601

September 27, 2011.  “Andrea, Of course, I will update you immediately if this case settles, If it does, it will likely happen in the next 24 hours (of course, thanks in large part to you!)”   September 29, 2011.  “Andrea, our case settled!  Thank you again for all your help.  Parenthetically, we may need your help again in the future depending on what happens with claims my client wants to assert against the forger.  For now though, that is all.  Thank you SO MUCH again for your help, skill and expertise.  You predicted a settlement once they heard what you had to say, so you were right!  Plus my client got a bit of justice when the forgery was exposed.  I hope we get to work together again.  If I ever have another case with a questioned document, you will be the first person I call.”  (Avila v. Ernst & Haas Management Company, Inc.  Case No.:  BC 445083)

   Los Angeles, California

“June 2, 2011, Andrea, your report is great!  It is so clear and easy to understand.  The FBI and HUD will be thrilled and are anxiously awaiting for it.  I will make them copies.  Thank you for attending to our needs in such an expedient way.”     “June 29, 2011, Andrea, your work led us to discover more of the same and we are going to need you again.  This case just keeps getting bigger.  Thank you again for all your help”.  (Preferred Bank v. JTT LLC, Case No.:  BC 419433)

Pasadena, California

“May 25, 2011, Andrea, I have truly enjoyed working with you these many months and look forward to the next time.  You helped us immensely and I am writing with mixed feelings to let you know the case settled.” (Gasper v. AstraZeneca, Case No., BC 420793)

   Century City, California

“March 29, 2011, Ms. McNichol, “Our case settled!  At the end of a long evening and after we had settled everything, my opponent asked Judge Bobb whether your document examination turned up anything.  It should please you to know that the Judge said yes and that there were a number of things you had identified that could have been used to attack the document.  I thank you for providing us with that and for your professionalism.  I think you contributed significantly to our success and to a very acceptable settlement. (Estate of Rose Gregorian, Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No.:  BP 123203)

   Santa Monica, California

“Ms. McNichol:   Thank you for your vital help in our Franco trial. The jury believed every word of your testimony.  We are very grateful for your good work.”  (Expert testimony February 22, 2011, Franco v. Risco, Case No.:  BC 387228, Los Angeles, Superior Court, 111 N. Hill Street, Department 28, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA, before Judge Yvette Palazuelos”).

   Los Angeles, California

February 7, 2011.  “Andrea, I thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.  Our case magically settled Friday afternoon.  Thanks so much for your help on this case.”  (Persian News Network v. ABS-CBN International, San Mateo Superior Court, Case No. CIV461316)

   San Francisco,  California

November 19, 2010.  “Andrea, your Declaration is great!  Thank you for your amazing and fast work on this!”  January 30, 2011.  “Andrea we were victorious and the D.A. was persuaded by your Declaration and I want to thank you again for your great work.  You are amazing!” (Kutzer v. Cade, Case No. BC432501)

   Law Offices of Roberta Burnette
   Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County, California

August 19, 2010.  “Andrea, I appreciate your efforts in this matter and, as such, you helped us in decision making in a way that we were able to settle the case.  On behalf of my client and myself, we thank you so very much.” (Goudie v. Marsh, BC 415578)

   Law Offices of Stefan Pancer
   San Bernardino, California

June 16, 2010  Hi Andrea, just wanted to let you know that we won the case!  Thank you so much for all your help!  There’s no way we would have been able to win our case without you--your testimony was fantastic, and the judge found it to be completely persuasive.  I really hope we get the chance to work together again and I’ll give you the highest recommendation possible to anyone looking for a handwriting expert!”  (Expert Court testimony June 9, 2010, The Drollinger Family Trust v. Lady Manaog LASC Case No.: YC058467, Torrance Superior Court 825 Maple Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503, before Judge Cary R. Nishimoto, Department E, 4th Floor)

   Los Angeles, California


May 27, 2010   “I had a great experience with Andrea McNichol.  During trial, we tried to get in evidence that a defendant lied on the stand when questioned about his own handwriting (lied that it wasn’t his), when it clearly was.  We had no clue that he would do that, but we got caught because he hadn’t been deposed on that document and authentication hadn’t been established.  We hired Andrea to perform a questioned document analysis, and several days later she walked me through the whole analysis that she performed, essentially giving me a Handwriting 101 class.  She was fantastic.  Unfortunately, after a hearing on the issue, the judge didn’t let us put this evidence on at this late date so we didn’t get her on the stand.  She’s a real teacher and her straight-up questioned document analysis is great.  I would not hesitate to hire Andrea again.”

   Los Angeles,  California


May 11, 2010 “Andrea, I just wanted to let you know that your Declaration did the trick!  Both the Judge and opposing counsel were very impressed with it and as a result we reached a very favorable settlement which would not otherwise have been possible.  Thank you so much for your many months of dedicated work on this case.  I have another one for you and would like you to forward your retention papers .” (Judge David B. Oberholtzer Department C-67 County of San Diego, Central Division, Case No: 37-2008-00081966-CU-FR-CTL, Michael Tilly, Special Administrator v. Abkar Samadi, et al.)

   El Cajon, California

April 22, 2010  “Thanks for all your hard work on our cases, Andrea  Your work is splendid”

   Law Offices of Julia C. McBride
   Valencia, California

May 1, 2010 “Andrea, we won!  Judge Cox singled out your testimony and said you were completely believable and he found ‘reality’ problems with the opposing expert.  Once again, you have done fantastic work for us.  Thank you.” (Estate of David Paul Almquist, Riverside County Superior Court Case No.: INP021189, expert testimony March 23, 2010 before Judge James A. Cox  Superior Court of California located at 3255 Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA.)

   Palm Springs, California

January 30, 2010 “Andrea, thank you so much for your excellent report.  I very much appreciate your speed, thoroughness, integrity and sensitivity to the privacy concerns.  The report most definitely meets my satisfaction and I am most grateful to you.”  

   Woodland hills,  California

October 8, 2009, “Hi Andrea.  It was such a pleasure to meet you and I do hope our paths cross again.  You made it so easy for me in court today, just as you promised.  I will let you know how it goes. “   October 15, 2009, “Andrea, we won!!!  I’m happy to report that I have not broken your track record.  I can’t wait to work with you again.”  (Expert Court Testimony 10/8/09 Los Angeles Superior Court, 825 Maple Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503, before Judge Andrew C. Kauffman, Department “B”, third floor; Case No.” LASC YC056958 Lamas v. Robles.)

   Los Angeles, California

“August 25, 2009, Andrea, we just settled the case ( LAUSD Case No.: 2007-1236) and it had everything to do with your findings and superb work for us.  This is a great relief and I look forward to working with you yet again.”

   Century City, California

August 5, 2009, “Andrea, you were great today!  I will let you know the Judge’s ruling as soon as we get it.”  (Expert Court testimony August 5, 2009, Riverside County Superior Court Case No. INP 022052, Judge James A. Cox, Courtroom PS-1, 3255 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262).  August 17, 2009, “Andrea, I wanted to let you know that we got a complete win in our case.  The Judge ruled that the opposing expert had no credibility at all and that you came across very well and convincingly.  It’s a complete victory for our side.  Thank you so much.”

   Palm Springs, California

July 1, 2009. “Andrea, I wanted to thank you today but did not get a chance because I was still working when you left the courtroom.  I just wanted to tell you that your testimony was great as you already know, and everybody loved it; the clients loved it; the jury loved it; the judge loved it; everybody loved it!  And, I also wanted to tell you how I am so grateful to you because you really made this case so easy for me, and today when I got stuck, all I had to do was go by your exhibits which I had already figured out and it all tied together so beautifully.  And, through it all I knew exactly that I did not have to worry about anything with you because I knew you would always give the right answer whether I asked the question or someone else asked it.  Really, it was such a pleasure so I just wanted to tell you that and thank you so very much.  I will let you know how it comes out.  Please put me down on your list of admirers and I will definitely use you again if the need arises.  Thank you again for everything.”  July 13, 2009.  “Andrea, We won the case!  The jury came back 8-0 with a completely favorable verdict for our clients in less than three hours!  We were totally successful and I want to thank you again for all your help and support throughout these many months.  We look forward to working with you again.”  (Expert testimony July 1, 2009, Federal Court House 312 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA  90012, Judge Valerie Baker Fairbank, Courtroom 9, Alcini v. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Case No. CV08-2889 VBF).

--ELLEN K. WOLF,  Esq.
   Los Angeles, California

April 5, 2009, “Andrea, thank you for your outstanding efforts.  You are a gem!  Just a note to say Hi and to tell you that Kenny won the lawsuit against Bijan.  Kenny won on all causes of action.  Thank you for all of your help and assistance.  All the best.” (Expert testimony February 3, 2009 Hakimpoour v. Hakimpour LASC Case No.:  BC367419) at Los Angeles Superior Court located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, California, Department 20, 3rd Floor, Judge Kevin C. Brazile)

   Encino,  California

“Andrea, we won!  I wanted to let you know immediately.  Your testimony was very helpful and we are very grateful to you.  The jurors noted that it was your testimony that was most convincing.   Thank you so much!”   (Expert testimony March 3, 2009, Quiiji Cheng v. L.A. Fitness, Inc., et al Case No. GC 039 296, at Los Angeles Superior Court located at 300 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena, California, Department S, 2nd Floor, Judge Joseph F. De Vanon)

   Los Angeles, California

May 4, 2009, Andrea, I am pleased to advise that we settled the captioned case.  I want to thank you for rising to the occasion and for your good work on this case.  I am glad I got involved in the case and had an opportunity to work with you.”  (LASC Case No. SC086679)

   Los Angeles, California

“March 2, 2009, Andrea, we settled the case!  You definitely were a big part of getting the opposition to settle so favorably to us.   We got everything we wanted and more.  Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you again.”  (Sylvester vs. Lundah Yuh, et al, Case no: 30-2008-00103942)

   Anaheim, California

Andrea, we received the jury’s verdict last Friday and our clients were found “Not Guilty” on the forgery charge.  I am sure the jury keyed in on your professional presentation as to why there was no forgery.  We and the Aguayos appreciate your hard work.”  (Expert testimony August 11, 2008, People v. Aguayo, LASC Case No., BA 320 295,  State Court located at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center 210 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, 9th floor Department 108, Judge Michael Johnson).

   Los Angeles,  California

November 1, 2008  Andrea, a decision has been rendered in the arbitration in our case against Chase Manhattan Bank.  I am pleased to inform you that the arbitrator agreed with your opinion concerning all of the documents we had claimed to be forged.  Melissa was not held liable for the forgeries.  The arbitration award indicated that the forger is completely lacking in integrity and credibility.  Thank you for your expert testimony.  All parties accepted your credentials by stipulation since there was no point in attempting to challenge your extensive background and experience.  Chase’s attorneys tried to intimidate and surprise you but you maintained your composure.  Chase offered no expert testimony to counter yours and after hearing your testimony, Chase’s vice-president agreed under oath that Melissa should not be held responsible for the forgeries.  Your testimony and report were thorough, authoritative and clear.  I would recommend you most highly as an expert witness in any matter involving signature authenticity.  Thank you very much for your expertise and assistance in this matter.”  (Arbitrator Robert Tessier, Esq., September 10, 2008 Union Bank Bldg. 445 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 2700, Los Angeles, CA  90071, re:  Melissa Marie Reider-Demer vs. Chase Manhattan  Bank USA, Case 72 148 E 00933 07 JOJO)

   Los Angeles,  California


August 27, 2008, “Ms McNichol, please be advised that the above-entitled matter has settled (Gurney v. Bleau).  Your Declaration was instrumental and it was a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for your professional assistance with this matter.”

--Gina A. Leago, Esq.
   PARKER MILLS LLP, Los Angeles, California

August 25, 2008, “Andrea, good news!  The case settled! (Padfield v. Cliff View Terrace, etc., et al.) Thank you so much.  I have two other cases I want to talk to you about.”

   Oxnard, California

“August 11, 2008.  Andrea, I have read your Report, and it is outstanding.  Your opinions are well thought out, and there is overwhelming support for them.  I truly thank you for such impressive work.” January 23, 2009 “Good luck in doing the same great job for Chuck that you did for me.  Mr. Karam never would have paid the hefty sum he did without your help.”

   Los Angeles, California

“Ms. McNichol, I want to tell you that the other side in our case just offered us a miraculous settlement and I have no doubt it had a lot to do with your deposition testimony the other day.  We cannot thank you enough and very much look forward to working with you again. “ (Gilbert Mercado v. A & B Specialty Foods, LLC and La Donna Corporation, Los Angeles Superior Court Case No.: BC 352 285, May 14, 2008).

   Los Angeles, California

 “Andrea, you can add another win to your resume and another notch on your belt.  We won our case.  The jury thought your testimony was very important and persuasive and did not believe the other expert at all.   Congratulations and thank you so much!”  (Expert testimony February 27, 2008, Rofeh v. Soumekh, Case No. BC 354765, Judge Jane Johnson, Los Angeles Superior Court, 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, California, Department 56).

   Los Angeles, California

“Ms. McNichol, we just received the ruling from the Court on our case (E&N Financial Services v. Anderson, LASC Case No. LC 074590, Expert testimony 4/20/07, Judge Stanley Weisberg) and the Court awarded our client, E&N Financial a judgment against Mark Anderson in the amount of $953,125.00, the entire amount we sought.  Your expert testimony was very helpful in our case and I believe was an important factor in our obtaining the favorable judgment.  (In the written decision, Judge Weisberg stated that after going over the two experts’ testimony he found yours more credible and accepts it.) We were very impressed with the way you handled yourself on the witness stand and the way you deflected the cross-examination.  Many thanks again for your contribution.  Should I need an expert in the future, you can be assured that you will hear from me.”

--William F. Raff,  Esq. 
   Calabasas, California

Andrea, we just got the decision—we won on the slander of title cause of action and they have to pay our attorney’s fees plus the diminution of value to the condo!  Thank you again for your good work in this case!” (Hrieche vs. Miller and Holzer, LASC Case No. BC 334 751, expert testimony before Judge Victor Chavez, October 31, 2007, Los Angeles Superior Court, 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, California, Department 96, 5th Floor, Room 531)

   Los Angeles, California

December 11, 2007. “Andrea, I want to inform you that we just received a favorable opinion from the Immigration Review Judge in the Marquez matter that you worked on for us. (Executive Office for Immigration Review, 606 South Olive Street, 15th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90014)  Our Motion to reopen on Mr. Marquez’s behalf was granted to a large extent thanks to you and the two very persuasive reports you wrote.  Thanks so very much for your work on this case.”

   Whittier, California

November 28, 2007.  “Andrea, just a quick note to tell you that my client and I thought you were great!!  Your testimony was quick and to the point.  I feel pretty confident we’ll prevail….”   December 13, 2007, “Good News!   We won the case!   I have another one for you as soon as you return from your trip.  Thanks again for everything!”  (Thee Aguila, Inc. & Thee Aquila, LLC v Stavros Tscheridis, Case No., 07CC19550,  November 26, 2007, Orange Superior Court, 700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, CA  92701, Department C31, Judge Frederick C. Horn)

   Arcadia, California

January 6, 2008, “Try Andrea McNichol at Graphology Consultants International.  I have used her on a rush basis, and although she was very busy, she made herself available and provided excellent results.  She has extensive experience working with law enforcement.”  (email letter in response to an attorney request for a respected document examiner).     January 11, 2008, “Happy New Year Andrea!  You did such a great job for me.  I would recommend you to anyone.  I hope we can work together again soon.”

   Beverly Hills,  California

September 17, 2007 “Andrea, many thanks for your prompt response to our request for your assistance in this very important matter.  Your report looks great and we are most grateful.”

   Sacramento, California

 Andrea, thanks again for traveling to UCSD Medical Center to testify in our medical malpractice case. (UCSD Thornton Hospital, La Jolla, California before Judge Cary Miller & Medical Panel, 4/30/07.)  After 14 grueling evenings of medical testimony, the members of the Judicial Review Committee found your testimony both interesting and enlightening.”   “Andrea, we won our case!  The Committee found the defendant was not being truthful and with your testimony concluded that the doctor amended his records after the fact.  Thank you!”

   Los Angeles, California

July 12, 2007, “Andrea, I am delighted to advise you that the parties in the above-entitled matter ( LASC Case No. BD 426818) have reached a global settlement of their cases (i.e. the one in the family law court and the one in federal court).  On behalf of my client, I want to thank you for your invaluable assistance and professionalism during the time we worked together.”

   Beverly Hills, California

Ms. McNichol:  We were victorious in the arbitration (9/18/06) in large part thanks to you.  The Arbitrator agreed that the policy was properly rescinded because the signature of the insured was proved to be a forgery.  It goes without saying that your testimony on the subject was critical to that finding.  I want to thank you for reviewing our handwriting samples on such short notice and being so quick to provide us with your opinions.  Your testimony at arbitration was a pleasure, as your background experience came across very impressive (which it obviously is).  It was clear that you were more than qualified to render the opinions that you did and that no one was going to be able to poke any holes in that.  Also, your degree of certainty was way beyond what I expected possible and you were very strong (yet balanced) in testifying about that.  I wanted to share with you my appreciation and let you know that it will be a pleasure to work with you again in the future.”

   Long Beach,  California

Andrea, Commissioner Slawson found your testimony to be wholly convincing and ruled the disputed contract to be without credibility.  His ruling was completely in our favor and we want to express our gratitude and thanks for all your help.”  (Le v. Le, YD 046 380, April 21, 25 and May 3, 2006 Los Angeles Superior Court SW Division at Torrance Superior Court 825 Maple Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503, Department H, Commissioner John A. Slawson)

   Riverside, California         

October 4, 2007. “Andrea, I have reviewed your Declaration and it looks great.  Thanks again for making time on such short notice to complete this work for us.  We are very pleased.”

   San Diego,  California

Ms. McNichol:  The trial scheduled for September 13, 2006 in the above-referenced matter has been vacated.  Ms. Hamann agreed to our terms for settlement.  We believe that it was your report that resulted in Ms. Hamann agreeing to our terms.  I will also leave you a voicemail message to this effect so you may clear your calendar for September 13th for another matter.  Thank you for your professionalism & assistance in this matter.”

  Windsor, California            

“Andrea, the jury came back with a verdict of $244,027 in our client’s favor.  Thanks for all your help.”
(Watson v. Moore, February 27, 2006, Los Angeles Superior Court 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, California, Department 20, 3rd Floor, Room 310, Judge Haley J. Fromholz)

   Los Angeles, California                     

 Andrea, the Judge ruled entirely in our favor on all counts.  He singled out your testimony as being terrific and completely persuasive.  He was really impressed with you.  My client and I want to thank you so much for all your help.” (Kaly Investments, Inc., v. Rafie Fattal et al.  Los Angeles Superior Court, NW District Case No. LC071283, December 13, 2005, before Judge Richard George Kolostian, Jr., Department H, 3rd Floor, Van Nuys Superior Court located at 6230 Sylmar Avenue, Van Nuys, CA  91410)

     Los Angeles, California

 “Andrea - -Attached please find the Trials Digest report for the Lewis v. Appling Case.  Please note the entry under Comments regarding the Court’s statement about you.  I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

May 30, 2005 from Trials Digest:  Los Angeles Superior Court Bench Trial No. BC297415, Joseph R. Kalin, Verdict/judgment:  2/25/2005 $227,000 for Plaintiff.  The court stated:  “Plaintiff called Andrea McNichol, a questioned documents examiner with lengthy and excellent credentials.  She testified that the signatures on the letter dated January 29, 2002 and the stock certificates were forged.  She believed the signatures were a result of a cut and paste procedure.  She was positive these signatures were forged and her reasons were logical and not impeached by the defendant.  She said all of the signatures were identical which was critical in that two signatures by the same person are never identical.”

                       -- JOEL J. LOQUVAM, Esq.
                          Los Angeles, California

Andrea-I just wanted to thank you for all your help with this case.  You were wonderful today (July 8, 2005, Los Angeles Superior Court, Department 54, Judge Ernest M. Hiroshige, Allred v. Chuang).  I hope to have the pleasure of working with you again.  Take care.”

   Los Angeles, California

“Again, my heartfelt thanks for your supreme dedication, and interest.  You were by reason of your consummate professionalism, charm, intelligence, and more, the perfect expert in this case that we won so resoundingly. (Michael A. Quero vs. Rosalinda Lopez Quero, et. al., case no 1158934, related to Estate of Angel G. Quero, case no. 1157391 Santa Barbara Superior Court 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, California 93101, before Judge James  W. Brown, Department 4, October 11, 2005).”

                        --A. GEORGE GLASCO, Esq.
                           Pasadena, California;  London, England;  Paris, France          

“We are writing to thank you for your incredibly prompt assistance and testimony that was instrumental in the Judgment in favor of our client. As you will recall, our client was sued by an attorney based on various breach of contract theories as a purported guarantor of an "Employment Agreement" for services related to the practice of law.

"With little more that forty-eight (48) hours notice before trial we noticed an issue raising a question whether signatures had been forged on the contract. We were lucky enough to contact you since on receipt of the contract at issue you pointed out additional issues not considered. Since ours was a trial de novo, discovery was virtually non-existent such that the purported original contract was not available. Nevertheless, you agreed to act as our expert remaining flexible in the event an original contract was introduced by the attorney Appellant.

"As it turned out, the original trial date was continued for approximately thirty (30) days. On the first day of trial before the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, the Appellant introduced what was supposed to be the original contract. Our request that your testimony be taken out of order was granted and with only a ten (10) minute break for you to review the "original" contract. Your superior skill and knowledge allowed you to testify not only about the inconsistencies between the photocopied contract and what was newly introduced as the "original" how the "original" had been signed and dated by the same person and how all of that was entirely inconsistent with the testimony of the attorney Appellant. Your testimony was devesting as reflected not only in the faces of our opponent and his counsel, but also during the cross-examination, which you handled as a seasoned professional.

"Your fee was very reasonable and the adjustment made for our client's benefit both generous and appreciated. We certainly feel fortunate to have contacted you. Little did we know in our initial call that we had reached the finest profession who is plainly at the top in her area of practice.

"We look forward to working with you again and will recommend you to others with confidence. Thank you again for helping us achieve a judgment in favor of our client."

                       -- J. BRUCE ROBERTSON, Esq.
                          Los Angeles, California

"This is to advise you that the jury in the above matter returned a unanimous verdict in our favor in under 40 minutes! The jury was fascinated by your testimony concerning the plaintiff's signature on the Informed Consent documents as well as the other documents bearing the plaintiff's signature in the doctor's chart. They concluded very quickly that she was being less than honest in her stance that she did not sign one of the Informed Consent documents."
                       -- DAVID J. WEISS, Esq.
                          Santa Monica, California

"The court found that there was a 'battle of the experts' and that 'after reviewing the testimony, the reports, and the exemplars produced' that the signature was that of the decedent. In short, the court found in our favor. Again, I wish to thank you for your assistance and professionalism on such short notice. I will call on you again should I need an expert in the field of questioned documents or handwriting analysis."
                        -- STEVEN A. SIMONS, Esq.
                           Granada Hills, California

"Your designation as a Diplomate, is limited to a select group of professionals who, by virtue of their extensive training and expertise, have demonstrated their outstanding abilities in regard to their forensic specialty. The rigid requirements for recognition attest to your personal integrity and professional accomplishments."
                        -- DR. ROBERT O’BLOCK
                          Executive Director and Life Fellow

"My clients and I have truly enjoyed working with you and believe that you were the key to developing our case and settling this matter in such a favorable fashion."
                        -- KIRT J. HOPSON,  Esq.
                            Downey, California

"Once again, I wish to thank you for your assistance and help throughout this trial. Your guidance and insight while we were preparing for trial helped me understand the nature of what you do so that I could effectively cross-examine the adversary's expert. Observing how well prepared you were at trial, leaving no room for much cross-examination, made it only easier to find the best places to attack our adversary's expert. I look forward to working with you again."
                        -- ANGELA D. ROBLEDO, Esq.
                           STONE & HILES
                           Beverly Hills, California

"Your professionalism, preparedness and extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, as reflected by your testimony, make you an outstanding expert witness. I feel that your testimony proved to be the key factor to our successfully defending this matter."
                         -- WENDY L. SLAVKIN, Esq.
                            Los Angeles, California

"On behalf of Mr. Brent Lesjak and myself I extend to you my sincerest thanks for your professional expertise given in the above referenced matter. The report of your findings and conclusions served as the most significant factor in obtaining the dismissal of the case against Mr. Lesjak."
                        -- MICHAEL C. CARNEY, Esq.
                            Los Angeles, California

"I'm speaking for all of us at TIME when I say that we appreciated your joining us last Wednesday evening in Hartford to meet with some of our customers and their wives. I was particularly interested in your observation that your TIME articles in our Behavior Section tended to build your "credibility." This kind of reaction has broad implications for our many advertisers. Thanks again for making last Wednesday a memorable evening for our friends in Hartford."
                        -- JOHN M. KEEFE
                            TIME INC. NEW YORK, NY

"Your presentation to the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts was informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking. The feedback we received from all our participants was so positive, they only wished you had had an eight-hour time slot. We truly appreciate your time and expertise in helping make our meeting such a marked success."
                        -- THOMAS A. BARRETT
                            Special Agent, FBI
                            Sacramento, California

"We wish to thank you for the excellent work you have done for us in the authentication of the signatures in Republic Bank vs. Simpson et al. Your report to us was professionally done and presents the facts in the case in a very clear manner."
                        -- George B. Warsaw
                            Vice President, CONSOLIDATED GENERAL CORP.
                            Los Angeles, California

"Thank you very much for your expert services in this litigation and I will keep you in mind in the future. Place me on your list of satisfied attorneys."
                         -- Lawrence R. LaPorte, Esq.
                            LYON & LYON, Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for your input and information on the Timothy Lee Case…We are extremely grateful for your assistance with the case. Your assistance is the determining factor in this case."
                        -- Thordie Ashley
                            NAACP, Emeryville, California

"The educational program at our conference in Hawaii last month was a whopping success as evidenced by the evaluation sheets and hearing discussions by attendees. Thank you for participating and making it one of the best attended programs ever."
                         -- Beverly Halpern
                            Executive Administrator
                            AMERICAN BOARD OF TRIAL ADVOCATES

"On behalf of the American Society for Industrial Security, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your support and contributions at the ASIS 32nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits. Thank you for your efforts in helping make this our most successful Seminar to date. I look forward to working with you again on future educational endeavors."
                         -- Lewis C. Schneider
                            CAE, Director Education & Seminar Programs
                            Arlington, Virginia

"Your presentation at Law Guild of Beverly Hills' Membership Luncheon this afternoon at Mountain Gate was exciting, dynamic and educational! We have had many speakers, but never one that was so organized and entertaining."
                        -- Natalie H. Aran
                            President, LAW GUILD OF BEVERLY HILLS

"It was with much enthusiasm that I first heard someone describe your speaking abilities -- energetic, interesting, informative, and stimulating. And you certainly lived up to that description!
                        -- Cheryl Lantz
                            State Representative
                            CALIFORNIA LAW AUXILIARY

"We would like to thank you for your analysis of the handwriting samples of Mary and Ann Previtera. Your findings brought important information to our attention of which we were previously unaware. We are quite fascinated by the detail which only the expert eye can see."
                        -- Sidney Starkman, M.D.
                            Prof. of Medicine/Emergency
                            Medicine, Neurology

"Wanted to say how much we appreciate your help with the recent thefts at our dealership. The guilty person has been dismissed, and we feel our organization will be much stronger thanks in large part to your efforts. Your quick attention to our problem is most appreciated as we were able to put a fast end to the speculation and rumors."
                         -- Victoria Gunning
                            Manassas Dodge/Daihatsu.
                            Manassas, Virginia

"I'm very grateful for your help...but under no circumstances are you even allowed to peek at my signature! God knows what it says!"
                        -- Jim Hayes
                            FORTUNE MAGAZINE

"In a confused sea of accusations, denials, conter-charges and stalemates, your statements brought insight and clarity to the current circumstances and focused a number of vague impressions and unconscious hints into coherent comprehension. Thank you so much."
                        -- Beth Mackenzie
                            Producer, KNBC-TV

"Thank you once again for the immediate attention you paid to this most crucial matter. Should I, or anyone else, ever need the services of a questioned document examiner you can be assured that your name will be at the top of my list."
                        -- Scott J. Corwin, Esq.
                            Los Angeles, California

"Our firm would like to thank you again for your expert testimony and assistance in the above-entitled case. In discussing the case with the jurors, it was clear that your testimony was very persuasive in determining the invalidity of the financial documents resulting in the substantial verdict for my clients."
                        -- Marc Smith, Esq.
                            KRANE & SMITH
                            Encino, California

"I wanted to report back to you on the above noted matter in which you served so ably as my client's expert witness.  Judge Gafkowski reached his decision on August 19th, 2004.  At that time, Judge Gafkowski noted that there was a natural affection between the decedent and respondent and that the descendent had on a number of occasions indicated her desire to pass her property to respondent upon her death.  However, based almost entirely upon your expert testimony, the court concluded that on the date she executed the deeds, the descendent did not have adequate mental capacity to lawfully perform that act.  As a result, he ordered the property transferred into the estate, where it will be passed through in testate succession.

During his decision, Judge Gafkowski, though he only had your transcript to work with, repeatedly praised your education, background and experience in dealing with questioned documents.  Without your significant expertise, I strongly suspect that he would have ruled against us.

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with your work and professionalism.  If I may be of any future assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me."

                        -- Thomas M. Davis, Esq.
                            WILSON, BORROR, DUNN & DAVIS
                            San Bernardino, California

My Client brought an action against another party for forging a deed We selected our own expert, who agreed the signature on the document was a forgery.  Opposing counsel selected you to examine the document and our expert forwarded the documents to you.  I researched your office and your curriculum vitae.  I had read the testimonial section of your website and was preparing for the usual "battle of the experts".  About a week before trial, opposing counsel called me to concede the document was "non-authentic".  This statement came about three years after the document was "found" and after the start of the trial.

I write this letter because I have an extremely strong suspicion that you gave an evaluation that the document was fictitious to opposing counsel.  At the very least, you did not make an evaluation that favored the opposing party, which is evidenced by the fact that the opposing attorney stipulated that the document was "non-authentic" shortly after you received the document.

As an attorney you have to face the reality experts will have opposing views on the same issue.  There is a perception that some experts can be purchased (or rented) for the right price to say that which will aid in the client's case.  It is a credit to your integrity that a party may (desperately) want you to make an evaluation in their favor, but you give them the truth.

There is no doubt that the case would have continued longer than necessary and made the decision of the court uncertain had you given the opposing counsel even the slightest hint that you could have testified to the document being authentic or inconclusive.  As a legal provisional I appreciate your integrity and honesty.  It's a credit to you and the professionalism of your field."

                        -- James T. Raetz,  Esq.
                            COULTER, VERNOFF & PEARSON
                            Pasadena, California

"I am pleased to inform you that today, the Honorable Emilie H. Elias granted defendants Avaya Inc, and Larry Holt's motion for summary judgment and dismissed the above-referenced action in its entirety.  Thank you so very much for your assistance at the deposition.  We will maintain your information in our expert files in case we require your services in the future."                        

                        -- Sara N. Trivedi, Esq.
                           WOLDT & ASSOCIATES APLC
                            Torrance, California

"Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  We kept NatureWell in a tough game long enough to accomplish the objective.  The case settled today."

                        -- Benjamin Pavone, Esq.
                           LAW OFFICES OF BENJAMIN PAVONE
                           San Diego, California

"Andrea, you did an AMAZING job on our case!  Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you."

                        -- Judy Orbach
                            MARATHON ENTERTAINMENT
                            Los Angeles, California

"Andrea, just wanted to let you know that as a result of your analysis, we took another look at (name omitted here).  Last night we set up a sting to see if she would steal money that was "found" and turned in to her by a customer (actually our agent) in the store.  We caught her leaving the store with the money at the end of her shift and she admitted that she stole it and was going to use it to pay bills.  She was arrested last night.  Thanks again for your excellent work!"

                        -- Moe McKnight
                            Chief Security Officer
                            LOWES FOODS
                            Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"Andrea, guess what?  I am the Chairman (again) for what is now called the American Society for Industrial Security's Retail Security Council...I still recall, with pleasure, how you wowed them (especially all those CIA, NSA and FBI guys and gals) with your presentation."
                        -- Michael S. Magill, CFE, CPP
                            MAGILL & ASSOCIATES
                            Colorado, Springs, Colorado



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